Odin's Castle

      Llanrwst, Wales - Ancestral Home of the Gwynn Family

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      We're off to Wales
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      Aye, the Mist. tis
      the Irish Sea
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      The train thru
      Snodonia National Park
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      We're there!!!!
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      On the way to town
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      A mite misty and windy. But
      even a hurricane could not
      have ruined this trip.
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      The local scenery
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      The City Center
      v57.jpg (357323 bytes)
      The River Conwy
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      The Pen-y-Bont Inn Pub.
      More on this later.
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      The Peak Bridge over
      the River Conwy
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      The tea Cottage
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      An Ancient Stone Circle
      in the city park
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      In the distance,
      Gwydyr Castle
      v63.jpg (377643 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle from a
      break in the wall.
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      Guess they knew we
      were coming!
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      Gwydyr Castle
      v66.jpg (373497 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle
      v67.jpg (393960 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle
      v68.jpg (408319 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle
      v69.jpg (403321 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle
      v70.jpg (350856 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle
      v71.jpg (368187 bytes)
      Gwydyr Castle
      v72.jpg (432318 bytes)
      I'll bet it is at
      least 200 years old.
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      The walk back to town.
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      Inside the Pen-y-Bont Pub.
      Best Fish & Chips of the whole trip.
      v75.jpg (415983 bytes)
      Loose your teapot???
      v76.jpg (387987 bytes)
      A wee bit 'o Irish Wiskey
      to chase away the chill.
      v77.jpg (322307 bytes)
      Sending Post Cards to
      friends and family.
      Hasn't she got the
      cutest ears...
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      Main street, Llanrwst
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      Gwydyr Chapel
      v80.jpg (273789 bytes)
      Gwydyr Chapel
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      Child's grave in the
      floor of the Chapel.
      v82.jpg (240392 bytes)
      Plaque commemorating the Chapel.
      Both the Wynn's and Gwynn's are
      descended from Owain Gwynneth.
      v83.jpg (273924 bytes)
      Grave of Llewellyn the Great
      v84.jpg (201509 bytes)
      Another Plaque about Gwydyr Chapel.
      v85.jpg (268722 bytes)
      The Chapel's Altar
      v86.jpg (366847 bytes)
      Gwydyr Chapel
      v87.jpg (364076 bytes)
      Gwydyr Chapel
      v88.jpg (390266 bytes)
      the Argoed House. Our B&B on the trip. Of course
      the sun is shining. We're leaving
      v89.jpg (353984 bytes)
      More Welsh Countryside, from
      the train on the way,
      to Cardiff.
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      Along the River Conwy
      v91.jpg (362429 bytes)
      The Conwy River sure got bigger!!
      v92.jpg (329150 bytes)
      The train station in Cardiff
      v93.jpg (350164 bytes)
      Dover Castle and it's White Cliffs
      taken from the ferry
      headed for Oostende, Belgium.

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