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      Gwynnevere's Spiritual Garden

      9/9/2006 - 8 years of wedded bliss for my Lord Odin and me



      Angel Bug who was the one who introduced me to the concept of the Spirit Flower Garden and helped me get started, started her Butterfly Garden and Adoption Center for butterflies, lady bugs and caterpillars on 9/9/1999, the very same day my Lord Odin and I were handfasted. This means we all celebrated a 7th anniversary this year, and what a wonderful 7 years of wedded bliss these were for my Lord Odin and me. Therefor, I felt it appropriate to add the birthday/anniversary butterfly for the three of us.

      All of a sudden, things seem to be picking up in my garden, as it is developing from a spirit flower garden to a friendship garden, a place to relax and feel good about your world, your friends and yourself.


      I just love my Spirit Flowers and blooming baskets.
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                Some of Camomile's Bluebirds of Happiness will be flittering about, brightening up my garden
      Wedded Bliss        

      and you may find some of Camomile's Nestlings playing around the garden.



Fallís Chores

Summerís getting drowsy now;
Soon she will be dozing;
Flowers folding up their heads,
Another seasonís closing.

Fall is waiting in the wings,
Impatient to get going,
He has a lot of work to do,
Before itís time for snowing.

"I have to paint the leaves," he says,
"In shades of red and gold,
And send the geese along their way
Before it gets too cold.

"Iíll ripen pumpkins on the vine,
For sweet Thanksgiving pies,
And plump the apples on the trees
To make cider that satisfies.

"Sunshiny days will be shorter now;
Iíll add a cool, crisp breeze;
For this relief from summer heat,
I make no apologies.

"I have just one more thing to do;
My work is almost done;
Iíll turn the leaves to crunchy piles,
So kids can have fall fun!"


Autumn is upon us, so I adopted some Happy Fall Art from Anita's Art Desigs

          Happy Fall         Happy Fall         Happy Fall        



and some gingerbread adoptable art from the Fair Kingdom Adoption Shoppe
Gingerbread Adoptables         Gingerbread Adoptables         Gingerbread Adoptables        


      My favorite spirit and friendship gardens and adoption places

      Celtic Button Camomile's Adoptions

      Celtic Button Selkywolf's Gardens

      Celtic Button Maiden Fair's Butterfly Garden at the Fair Kingdom



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