Odin's Castle

      Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

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      Sleeping Beauty
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      I thought he just owned planes!
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      We made it!
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      The Anton House
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      Castle Ahead
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      Shrewsbury Castle
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      view from tower
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      view from tower
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      view from tower
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      The tower
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      I'm fired of walking
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      Castle Guard's Barracks
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      Waiting for Fish & Chips
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      Shrewsbury Library
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      Some Saxon architecture
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      The reason for our visit,
      Shrewsbury Abbey

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